24 February 2021

February Market Outlook: Unearthing Jewel of 2021

About This Event

We’re streaming LIVE! over YouTube & Facebook on the 24th of February at 8pm, sharing the 2021 Investment Gems for the Year of the Metal Ox.

Our Head of Research, Kenny Yee will be joined by guest speakers, Isabelle Zhen, Head of Sales, Retail Equity Derivatives at Kenanga Investment Bank and Robin Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of HelloGold.


While you don’t need to be our client to join, you do need to be one to get 100 RT points* FREE! 

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Getting 100 RT Points*


7:45PM: Lobby Opens (15 min before start)

8:00PM: Welcome by emcee

8:05PM: Opening Remarks by Mr Kazumasa Mise, CEO

8:10PM: Structured Warrants: Polishing Your Gems by Ms Isabelle Zhen 

8:30PM: Investing in Gold, Mr Robin Lee

8:50PM: Unearthing the Gems of 2021, Mr Kenny Yee 

9:10PM: Q&A

9:30PM: End


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“See” you this 24 February 2021!  *T&C apply



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