Rakuten Trade Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 October 2020: Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade) announced the appointment of Mr Kazumasa Mise (44) as its Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, effective 16 October 2020, following approval from Securities Commission Malaysia.

Mise replaces Mr Kaoru Arai, who was the Managing Director of Rakuten Trade since its launch in May 2017. Arai was responsible for the company being named FinTech Company of the Year in 2018 and for steering the company in achieving profitability in less than three years. Arai will be assuming the role of Director of International Business and will lead Rakuten Trade’s efforts in its regional expansion.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management we express our gratitude, to Arai, for his leadership and contributions to the company,” said Datuk Chay Wai Leong, Chairman of Rakuten Trade.

On Mise’s appointment, Datuk Chay says, “In a year of unprecedented global uncertainties amidst the current pandemic, that resulted in stock market volatilities, Mise has been instrumental in leading the onboarding of a record number of new retail investors. We are confident that he will lead Rakuten Trade in its next chapter of growth.”

Rakuten Trade is a joint venture between Rakuten Securities, Inc. (RSec) in Japan and Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, and the only completely digital equities broker in Malaysia.

According to Mr Yuji Kusunoki, President of Rakuten Securities, Inc., “In the last three years, Mise has been able to successfully blend best practices from both companies under one successful brand – Rakuten Trade. I'm delighted to see Mise in his new role as the CEO of Rakuten Trade. He is supported by a strong management team and with an extensive Fintech and Digitalization knowledge in equity trading and asset management from RSec, the next few years should prove to be exciting.”

Mise relocated to Kuala Lumpur in 2017 and played a fundamental role in the establishment of Rakuten Trade together with Arai. He was previously Rakuten Trade’s Head of Business Marketing before becoming its Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to Rakuten Trade, he was with RSec for 13 years where he honed his expertise in Japanese equities’ business, focusing on boosting margin trading and exchange-traded fund (ETF). He holds a Bachelor of Science (Finance and Economics) from the Syracuse University, New York, USA.

Media Statement - 17 July 2020

With regard to the media reports, published in the last 24 hours on online platform scams, the Management of Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade) and its Board of Directors would like to remind the public that Rakuten Trade holds a Restricted Capital Markets Services Licence issued by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

Held since 27 April 2017, this License allows Rakuten Trade to conduct equities trading activities and provide investment advice as a licensed broker. Rakuten Trade is also listed on the SC's Public Register of Licence Holders.

Whilst Rakuten Trade is a legitimate business operator, there were individuals and companies who have misused the name and falsely represented Rakuten Trade in various online investment scams.   The public is advised not to entertain such claims as these are fake, and Rakuten Trade has no affiliation with these unauthorised parties.

We have made reports on those individuals and companies with Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as well as placed notices on our website and social media channels.

Rakuten Trade is the country's first and only fully digital equities trading platform. All trades are directly executed by our clients using the official Rakuten Trade website, mit.rakutentrade.my or via the Japanese trading app iSPEED.my.

For further information, the public can contact Rakuten Trade on 1800 88 6011 or email us at customerservice@rakutentrade.my

Rakuten Trade’s RakuMargin Platform Receives Growing Interest from Seasoned Investors.

Millennial Investor Wins Grand Prize Courtesy of ANA (All Nippon Airways)

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 July 2020:  Early this year, Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade) launched the country’s first automated third-party margin facility – RakuMargin. It has since become increasingly appealing to more experienced traders as it requires zero face to face interaction

In less than four months, more than 2,000 RakuMargin accounts were activated contributing to more than RM100 million in trading value on Bursa Malaysia. About 53% of the total activated accounts were from existing clients affirming their continued confidence in a fully digital equity trading platform.

Mr Kazumasa Mise, acting CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Rakuten Trade, said, “Rakuten Trade launched RakuMargin on 10 March and we were heartened by the high interest coming from experienced traders. In the first two weeks of the launch, more than 300 RakuMargin accounts were activated which recorded a subsequent trading value of almost RM2million. 

“Technology is a necessary key driver for Rakuten Trade and the market as a whole. Being a FinTech company, the business has been able to grow at an unprecedented rate these last few months yet maintained its agility levels in handling the changing customer demands. More recently we accelerated a more aggressive system upgrade plan, ahead of schedule. This is to better cater to our fast-growing investor base that we anticipate will double in size in the next few years.

“By expanding our range, we continue to cater to an ever-widening segment of digital savvy investors who are keen to leverage their tech capabilities while benefitting from low brokerage fees and a seamless digital platform,” added Mr Mise.

In line with the launch of RakuMargin, Rakuten Trade collaborated with All Nippon Airways (ANA) on a ‘Trade RakuMargin, Fly ANA’ campaign which saw experienced trader, Mr Saw Leong Yih (39) emerging as the grand prize winner of two return trip tickets to Japan. “I’m a new client of Rakuten Trade but have been trading for more than 10 years. What I found appealing with the RakuMargin platform was its digitalized features and pre-approved facility limit of RM100,000. The RakuMargin platform, allows me to trade more efficiently and more importantly at a much lower cost.”

RakuMargin offers several first-in-market features making it the most innovative third-party margin financing platform to-date. It combines a completely online sign up process, digital signature capabilities with an automated facility limit approval of up to RM100,000 and Rakuten Trade’s signature low brokerage fees ranging from RM 7 to RM100.

Rakuten Trade Turns To Black In Less Than 3 Years

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 May 2020: Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade) has marked a major milestone by turning to black ahead of its third anniversary.

 Rakuten Trade attributes this to activating almost 85,000 trading accounts and handling more than RM12.5 billion in total trading value on Bursa Malaysia since business day one. As of 30 April 2020, Rakuten Trade’s retail market share was more than 5% while the clients’ assets under trust had exceeded RM1 billion.

 Positive on the growth prospects of the company as it enters its fourth year of business, Mr Kaoru Arai, Managing Director of Rakuten Trade, said, “Innovation and our FinTech framework has been pivotal for the company turning a profit in April 2020. It is, though, a balancing act of being cost-effective, flexible and keeping our client’s experiences at the core of everything that we do. In less than three years, we surpassed our internal targets and continue to appeal to the rising number of technology savvy investors in Malaysia. These investors prefer a convenient, zero contact, and easy to use mode of investing,” added Arai.  

 Leveraging on its ‘zero contact’ platform to increase retail participation on Bursa Malaysia, Rakuten Trade expects to reach 100,000 active accounts by the end of 2020.

 Early this year, Rakuten Trade launched the country’s first automated third-party margin facility – RakuMargin. It has since become increasingly appealing to more experienced traders as it requires zero face to face interaction.

 Rakuten Trade currently offers three trading platforms - Cash Upfront, Contra and RakuMargin (3rd party margin trading), as well as a multi award winning rewards eco system.

Rakuten Trade Activates 11,000 Accounts In March

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 April 2020: At a time when the stock markets are being impacted by the global Covid-19 crisis, Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade) continues to meet the needs of investors.

Rakuten Trade, the country’s first and only fully digital equities broker, reported a surge in account openings during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. More than 11,000 new accounts were activated (+100% month-on-month); of which more than 64% were during the first phase of the MCO period alone.

Mr Kaoru Arai, Managing Director, Rakuten Trade, said, “We attribute the high volume of appeal to many now working from home and other brokers still requiring some form of face-to-face contact. In view of this, we see many investors opting for a 'zero contact' equities trading platform like Rakuten Trade. The easy to use, non-face-to-face trading platform, and seamless account activation process that comes with using a digital platform like ours have become key benefits to enabling investors to trade in equities. Seamless, real-time trading coupled with affordability and greater control are an attractive package.”

In tandem with the surge in account activations, Rakuten Trade also recorded a 20% increase in trading value in March 2020, month-on-month.

“Increased market participation bodes well for the equities market as it will contribute towards market liquidity and resilience. Investors see the current equities market climate as an opportunity to “bottom fish” in fundamentally strong small to mid-cap stocks that have dropped in price but will eventually rise again. They are in for the long run and understand the importance of holding these investments in the current climate," said Mr Arai.

Expanding its digital services to cater to more experienced traders, Rakuten Trade recently launched its third product – RakuMargin. RakuMargin offers an automated facility limit approval of up to RM100,000 and carries the same low brokerage fees as its Cash Upfront and Contra Accounts.

More recently, Rakuten Trade launched HIVE, an effort to generate investment and trading ideas for clients from KIBB and Rakuten Trade’s Research and algorithm teams. Using Telegram, HIVE provides avid investors with consensus trading signals, stock picks, counter performance and where applicable "Take Profit" suggestions.

Rakuten Trade will continue to introduce new innovative products and services to its platform. As at 31 March 2020, it generated close to RM11 billion in trading value on Bursa Malaysia and activated almost 70,000 trading accounts in less than three years, further testament to Rakuten Trade’s appeal factor in attracting a new generation of investors who are inclined to trading completely online.

*We achieved 70,000 account opening on 6th April 2020